Etudié expressément pour travailler entre les files des vignobles et des vergers, le broyeur PUMA est la machine idéale pour le broyage de l’herbe et des sarments en tous genres.

Une série de dispositifs en fait une machine polyvalente et professionnelle.

Parmi ces dispositifs se démarquent les côtés sans angles vifs conçus pour ne pas endommager les plantes si elles devaient être touchées lors du travail.

Conjointement, la machine est étudiée pour sortir au maximum de la voie du tracteur.

La translation, présente dans la version à déplacement, s’effectue sur une barre chromée qui ne nécessite d’aucune lubrification.

D’autres éléments moins visibles, mais non sans importance, rendent le modèle PUMA un véritable hors classe dans sa catégorie.

Le premier élément de distinction est le “MARTEAU A DOUBLE TRANCHANT ”, brevet exclusif TIERRE, qui permet et une coupe de type horizontal et une de type vertical qui augmentent la capacité de concassage du broyeur.

Le second élément est le “ROTOR MULTIAGRESSIF” dont peut être équipé la machine : dans ce cas aussi, une réalisation exclusive TIERRE.
La particularité de ce rotor est de pouvoir monter le double d’outils normalement prévus pour un broyeur, ce qui augmente de façon significative la capacité de coupe de la machine qui se traduit en vitesse de travail majeure et meilleur absorption du terrain du produit broyé plus finement.

Le troisième élément est le double châssis en dotation présent sur la machine qui la rend particulièrement robuste et, donc, apte à affronter des élagages abondants et des terrains pierreux.
La dotation de série prévoit un boîtier à roue libre et un rouleau d’appui autonettoyant réglable en hauteur.
Disponible sur demande, un râteau postérieur permet de récolter les résidus pour les broyer encore plus finement.

Le broyeur modèle PUMA est disponible dans les versions : fixe, à déplacement mécanique ou hydraulique et réversible, toutes à attelage à trois points.


  • Attelage au tracteur Cat. I

  • Transmission en bain d’huile avec roue libre

  • Courroies dentées

  • Roulements rotor à double sphère oscillante

  • Rotor équilibré électroniquement

  • Diamètre rotor 127 mm

  • Rouleau auto nettoyant

  • Rouleau avec décrottoir réglable en hauteur

  • Diamètre rouleau 194 mm

  • Vitesse de coupe 45 m/sec

  • Contre couteau

  • Côté arrondi pour le travail en vignobles et vergers

  • Double châssis

  1. Côté arrondi pour travail en vergers

  2. Prédisposition pour râteau



L'mpossible devient simple.

Un nouveau concept de broyeurs capables de changer la forme de la chambre de coupe jusqu'à 12 manières différentes.
Chaque configuration de coupe convient à un travail spécifique que la machine peut effectuer.


En conséquence, la même machine peut être utilisée dans des emplois de travail complètement différents: de la tonte de l'herbe, à l'élagage ou utilisation en plein champs.
From mowing grass to pruning, or simply in the open field.
Ceci représente le brevet de GÉOMÉTRIE ADAPTATIVE TIERRE patent, enregistré dans 142 pays.


Main advantages:

  • double cutting surface both horizontally and vertically

  • low drag, less fuel consumption

  • greater impact resistance against rocks and stony bodies due to the particular shape of the neck

The hammers are mounted on a steel screw 12.9 with a diameter of 16 mm and are fixed to the rotor by means of supports made ​​of boron steel.




Main advantages:
Knives Y, ideal for cutting and quickly discharge.

coltello a v.jpg


PUMA can mount a special rotor built thanks to the experience of Tierre in crushing.


This rotor has the feature to mount the double of the tools with respect to a normal shredder allowing it to pulverize the material to be cut.


It Is also electronically balanced.


Rotor lateral supports are made of pressed steel,and then worked in order to obtain a single body without welding.

Supports are mounted on double ball bearings highly professional working with labyrinth which means double double lip seals.

cuscinetto 1.png
cuscinetti esploso.png


The frame of the shredder is made of two sheets of 4 mm each.
These two sheets are placed one over the other, in contact, making the machine twice robust with respect to other shredders with standard frame.
This shredder is indestructible also in the most extreme working conditions.
It is very resistant even in presence of stones (not oversized), shrubs, bushes and undergrowth with large branches.

It is equipped with a double counterblade. 
This means that everything that goes into the machine is literally pulverized. The product to be cut passes through the blades at a working speed of 45 m/sec. 

The result is really impressive especially on grass, branches and pruning residues . With a common crusher the branches are cut in two or three parts and thrown away. With this machine the product to be cut is finely minced. 


You may request as optional a series of collecting teeth. 
These are specific to shred pruning or any other crop residue. 
It is a fundamental tool if we think there isn't a shredder on the market that can really grind effectively pruning with pieces of medium or large size. 
The shredder is to be regulated at a working height of 3/4 cm in order the mower will not leave intact the branches and debris lying on the ground if not sufficiently low. 

It is not to underestimated the fact that the tractor wheels tend to flatten the ground or even bury the waste. The collecting teeth perform a real cleaning action by raising the ground and also raising the waste buried by the wheels. Thus, no branch or waste will have the opportunity to escape this type of system. Each tool goes very close to the collecting tooth. The branch is carried through them with the result that it is completely crushed. At the end of the work it will be really difficult to find any intact residue!

MOUNTING: Collecting teeth are to be adjusted to a height that allows to work at ground level. In fact, it should swing vertically, so to adapt to the irregularities of the ground thanks to its steep slope toward the back.
If the tooth stumbles onto an obstacle , for example, a root or rock , theshredder can go back rise avoiding bending. 


Hydraulic side shift controlled by the piston.
Equipped with two hoses with quick couplings that are connected to the hydraulic connections on the tractor.

Again, the type of movement is the most solid and robust that you can find in the market. In fact, is divided into two tubes in chromed steel C45, means that even in case of severe accidental impact this will absolutely indestructible.

Connections to the tractor are very close to the machine.  This keeps the brush cutter in a position closer to the tractor, eliminating the risk of throwing stones towards the operator but above eliminates any problems caused because the machine is lifted, Thus, bringing the weight to the tractor, becomes overloaded to a lesser extent. This allows you to connect the machine even if high, also tractors with less mass and smaller weight.

spostamento laterale idraulico attacco a


The gearbox is made by COMER and is bathed in oil, as well as the extension.

The lateral transmission has 4 belts mounted in pulleys that have been balanced electronically independently.

trasmissione 2.jpg
trasmissione 3.jpg


The rear roller support with adjustable height is 194 mm in diameter.

Undoubtedly the largest of its kind.

The rullo is mounted on an oscillating field bearing, which in turn is inserted in a special holder of galvanized steel.
The assembly is easily adjustable through holes for regulation height.

rullo posteroiore 1.png


Paint of Tierre machines is done with epoxy powder.

All parts are painted separately before assembly in an oven at 180°C for 3 hours.
This system ensures the total resistance of the machine to atmospheric agents.
The parts are assembled with different faces that touch the paint with paint, ensuring the life of the machine.
The galvanized parts of the machine are provided by zinc bath at a temperature of 450°C.